"SKF is one of those “dream contractors” that makes us proud of working in construction industry. When SKF is contracted, we know that project has been carefully reviewed, defects/conflicts identified and resolved. Inception to completion, pure professionalism which comes from owners’ strong ethical and engineering background. During construction, project is adequately supervised, tasks are performed by experienced crews in a timely fashion, materials & equipment are provided by reputable and quality companies, scheduled and delivered when needed. When project is completed, all sign-offs are received, all vendors are paid off, everything is working properly, no corners cut."

 - ULGUR AYDIN | KSK Construction


“SKF Electric is a service-oriented non-union electrical contractor with the experience and skillset of a top-notch local 3 electrical contractor. They are proactive and very cooperative at every phase of the project. They helped tremendously with ironing out design issues early on and they were resourceful with their value-engineering ideas.  The successfully did the Low Voltage work on a design-built basis.  Their principal-level involvement is invaluable and they were reasonable and fair with their change orders.” 

MARK MAHAMEDI | Carlyle Development Services


" Our experience with SKF Electrical has been beyond our expectations. We have worked with other electrical contractors & there is no comparison between SKF & others. The comment/action that most impressed me from Faik was “SKF owned the projects for two years.  To me it says they took responsibility for anything that needed to be remedied. That is a good contractor!"

TED HOVIVIAN | 56 Bogart


"From pre-design to punchlist, SKF performed within their schedule and budget projections.  Meticulous record keeping, hands-on management and professionalism from top staff, clear pride in their work, plus deep compliance experience across key city agencies made them an invaluable part of the development effort from start to finish.  They are among a short list of trade contractors with whom we will not hesitate to do business again."

MATTHEW J. DOCKERY | Empirical Development